PatientView allows patients in certain specialities and locations to look up test results and info about their disease and its treatment.  It began as a Renal (kidney) project, and now covers 90% of UK renal units.  In 2012 RPV began some merging with Radar, to allow better care and research into some uncommon diseases. In 2014 other specialties began to use the PatientView system, starting with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and Diabetes.  What it can do and how to use it.  FlorasFace_thumb

In early 2015 the release of PatientView 2 brought functionality for mobile devices, more interactive capability, and easy options for other specialties to join. Become a partner.

Why rixg.org?  PatientView was the first project of the Renal Information Exchange Group, RIXG, and now continues under the auspices of the Renal Association. Read more of our history.

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