Creation and early history is described on our Early History page. See also our older News blog (may be blocked inside the NHS if your Trust believes that blogs are evil)


  • Upgraded several key PatientView2 code/database components to enhance performance and stability, coupled with RAM and CPU upgrades – as a result PatientView uptime levels improved to very close to 100%.
  • Targeted sweep of historic issues logged over time – reduction in major/medium-priority bug counts down to only a handful.
  • Enhanced mobile app validation of all self-entered results.


  • Nephrotic Syndrome users track and manage relapse episodes via the PatientView mobile app. This collaboration with the Nephrotic Syndrome Trust represents the first time that the mobile app has tailored features for a specific rare disease group.
  • A new pilot feature (MedPic) that allows blood pressure readings to be captured by taking a photo of the blood pressure monitor.


  • Piloting of fully electronic PROM/PREM survey forms and historic dashboards
  • App allows authentication by fingerprint or facial recognition (March)
  • Return of entered data to electronic records in units piloting


  • Launch of PatientView Mobile App (iOS) on the Apple App Store, plus several feature updates
  • Launch of PatientView Mobile App (Android) on the Google Play Store, plus several feature updates
  • Result graphing enhancements on web and mobile to allow for vertical scaling and forward projection.
  • ‘My Media’ module for mobile (and read-only version for web). Allows uploading of images and videos related to your condition to your PatientView account, with the option of sharing with a staff member via PatientView secured messaging.


  • Upgraded servers
  • APIs for patient and unit data released
  • Third factor logins compulsory for staff


  • Over 50,000 registrations
  • Available to patients in 71 of the UK’s 74 adult renal units, plus in some centres, patients with IBD, Diabetes, Heart Failure.
  • New system for GP logins implemented
  • Addition of optional ‘secret word’ to login security
  • Introduction of symptom scorers and surveys for IBD, Heart Failure; and survey results inside Renal.
  • Generic PatientView now offers ability to show data for any condition; and patient or an admin can add info links for any condition.
  • API streamlines data transmission options


  • Access to GP prescribing extended to all Scotland
  • Ability to download data added
  • Heart Failure pilot
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease added (from Salford pilot)
  • Launch of PatientView 2 (PV2).  Better presentation for mobile devices, new functions, summarised here, but more being added.


  • Second research Publication about PatientView.
  • GP Medicines (from ECS/ SCR) piloted in addition to Medicines from Unit. Online opt-in mechanism to allow this. Method for feedback to units to highlight any issues.
  • Graphs added as alternative to results table.
  • Renal PatientView becomes just PatientView.
  • Diabetes PatientView launched, fully integrated with Renal, so that if you have both conditions you can flip between them.


  • Secure messaging piloted in Edinburgh (funded by EU Sustains project, with Scottish Government)
  • New appearance for PatientView. Wee boy replaced by buff young man. (see blog)
  • Solid State Group contracted for web development


  • ‘My IBD’ project for Inflammatory Bowel Disease developed using PatientView architecture
  • Discussion Forum opened (closed 2013).
  • First Health publication about PatientView see news blog.


  • Serious discussions about making PatientView available other specialties.
  • No longer a minority activity: 8 centres have more than 50% of patients on dialysis or transplanted registered.
  • Over 17,000 registrations
  • Project shows that it doesn’t need to be senior staff who recommend PatientView (recruitment toolkit).
  • How To videos.


  • PatientView users meeting, Manchester [7th September 2010], attended by over 100 patients and staff.
  • Enter your own… allows addition of your own bp, glucose, weight values, and comments.


  • Renal Plus; Birmingham local system;
  • LFTs and iron added.


  • Over 6000 registrations in 29 units.
  • News module added.
  • Meet the developers meeting in Edinburgh.
  • eMed interfaced.


  • 3300 patients registered.


  • RPV wins one of 5 Connecting for Health prizes for eHealth developments, at CfH meeting in Leeds.
  • Vitaldata (Vitalpulse) integrated.


  • Official launch of Renal PatientView as national project.  
  • Following very positive feedback RIXG agrees to extend project to make it available to all UK renal units.
  • January: working pilot in two units, later extends to 4 (all units using Proton)


  • Renal PatientView pilot commissioned.  Worth Solutions and Vitalpulse commissioned to develop web and unit end of the system.


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