Admin and technical

PatientView is mostly administered locally, by local Unit Admins who issue patient and staff logins and answer queries from local users.  There is a central help desk for IT, publicity materials, where they can go with queries.  Each specialty has one or two Specialty Admins.  This page outlines these roles and links to detailed guidance for people in these roles.

  • Unit admins – each local unit has several of these, though one or two may assume most of the responsibility.  This info is currently held on the Renal Association website.
  • Speciality Admin – one or two specialty admins operate in each PatientView specialty.

There are some additional functions or additional projects within PatientView that have separate guidance.

  • Secure Messaging is now universally available, but its scope can be varied unit by unit.
  • Looking Local is a project to make PatientView available on Smart TVs.  It does not require any additional administration within PatientView.  (Link to Looking Local to follow).


  1. I can’t get into the patient view on my iphone app.

    If I delete the app and reinstall will I loose historic data?

    • Hi – no you won’t lose any data if you delete and reinstall the app. If you can’t get into it it’s usually the requirement to enter full secret word that we’re forced to by security policy. Once in, fingerprint/facial recognition work well.

  2. My data is not showing. When i press result option. It keep saying loading. But nothing is loading. What shell i do?

    • There was a temporary problem with showing test results which is now fixed, hope it is behaving well for you.

  3. Would it be possible to colour results using a colour system to show if they are within range. I ask this, as a patient, because invariably I look up the range in the “About” section. I am thinking of using a different colour for slightly out of range (within 10 percent perhaps) etc.
    For me this would give a quick indication as to how effective my dialysis sessions are in addition to the URR.
    I wonder if this could be useful also to professionals as it would give a quick overview, as they have to review many results.

  4. How do I add st George’s to the app following a transplant

    • You need to be added at St George’s, so they send your info on. Contact the admin there to requeset that (and sorry to see your message so long after posting)

  5. Hi

    I am trying to add two patients to patient view, siblings, mother wants to use same email for both brothers. It will not accept my second patient as it states the email has already been used. I cannot go any further to add my second patient. How do I proceed?

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