Enter Own Results: Visual Cues and Improved Validation

Every now and then a report is received of a user’s result graph appearing mysteriously out-of-whack, causing some results to magnify and others to seemingly vanish. On closer inspection – and after confirming that the user’s sending hospital is not at fault – it is usually discovered that one or two erroneous self-entered results have slipped in via the website or the mobile app. The results entered by mistake are either out of the expected range or a different data type altogether. Reports of this nature are not particularly uncommon, especially in the age of “all things autocomplete” on the mobile keypad.

Recently released on the website and the mobile app is some improved signposting and range validation, meaning that users will be prompted to enter data within the expected range and of the same data type, such as in the following example (note the visual prompts in grey):














If in spite of these cues a user subsequently enters an incorrect value and attempts to save this against their record, an error will be displayed:














With this set of improvements to self-entered results entry, it is expected that future errors of this kind will be prevented from occuring at source and the integrity of one’s electronic records better maintained over time.

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