Generic PatientView is ready to roll

PatientView has until now required patients to belong to a Specialty, and a Unit (meaning, a local organisation that is a member of that specialty, e.g. Salford IBD, Southend Renal). We’re now ready to offer it to all patients in an organisation, regardless of diagnosis.  e.g. all patients at a Trust, or Health Board. They just need to be able to send useful data to us.

One of the big barriers has been the difficulty of sending accurate information about different diagnoses. Where this isn’t possible, or to supplement it, this can now be done by patients themselves, or by Administrators at the time of sign-up. That diagnostic label will then automatically pull in trusted information links from

Later we will also use the expert links chosen for some of our specialties.

If you are from an organisation that would like to test this out, read our ‘How-to’, then contact us.

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