How to

This page explains how to use PatientView (PV), a website that lets UK patients look up live test results and info online.  Shortcut to this page:   You can read the full User Guide here.

How to videosWhat’s new in PV2 |  Can I join? | Detailed user guide for patients | Features in 2 mins (to follow)

Watch the short YouTube videos by clicking on the photos.  Most are about 1 minute long. Or see the PatientView YouTube channel.  There is also a detailed written guide for patients.  Staff users should also look at the online Staff Guide or Unit Admin Guide.

Flora-and-MaroneBWe’d like to have more videos.  Could you make some?  Please do and contact us!

Thanks to Flora Robinson and Marone McKie who developed these and other resources during a Nuffield summer studentship July-August 2011. Flora came back for more in 2015.


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