Uploading blood pressure from a photo

Available as a pilot from July 2020, on the PatientView phone app only. You will need to contact us to have this feature added for you. For now, contact neil.turner@ed.ac.uk. Then do this:

Or step by step:

If the BP-photo feature is enabled for you, you will see this screen when you click on Enter Own Results.


When the result is showing on your BP machine, frame a shot like these ones, then tap the Take Photo button


  • Try to take the picture in good light.
  • Avoid bright reflections on the screen
  • Check that the photo has good focus

Note that your machine must look like one of these. It doesn’t care exactly which brand of machine you use.

If the photo looks good, click on Use Photo. If it’s rubbish, try Retake.


Now the wheel will whirl, and the system will return the numbers it has interpreted. Check, because sometimes it makes a mistake. You can alter minor mistakes (e.g. pulse = 0) very easily later, see below.


It will think for a bit, then come back with the numbers for you to check. If they are correct, tap Yes. If they are rubbish, tap No and retake the photo, maybe in better light.


Correcting errors

Seeing your BP chart

You need to go to the home page of the app and tap on Results – BP (diastolic or systolic). Then tap on the Chart symbol – usually this is a better view, it shows both systolic and diastolic.


You can do the same on the web version of PatientView by clicking on …

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