PatientView 2.2 released

PV is out today, March 1st – key things are

  • You can add a secret word to make your login more secure
  • GP logins are back – at first for new patients only; later, you will be able to Invite your GP to claim a login
  • New self-management pages for IBD


Some people have noticed problems logging in from some browsers – when you log in, you flip straight back to the home page.  We have put another fix in place on Friday 4th March.  It is difficult to track down definitely as the problems are inconsistent from machine to machine. Temporarily you can work round it by doing one of these things:

  • Navigate manually to in the browser that you’re using. Then quit the browser, re-open it and try again.  See if that fixes it for you.
  • Try a different browser – e.g. if you’re using Chrome, try Firefox or Safari.
  • Try ‘Private browsing’ or ‘Incognito Window’ in Firefox or Chrome or Safari.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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